YKK Center Park

A green tract of land on the factory campus to open to the public





・location:富山県黒部市 / Kurobe Toyama

・completion date:2015.10

・landscape architect:オンサイト計画設計事務所、植栽監修:長井真隆



The YKK group, which manufactures and sells slide fasteners and architectural components, decided to open up the area where their headquarters at the YKK 50 Building and the Kurobe campus main gate are located to residents and visitors. We were commissioned to create a master plan for this area. Our proposal was to push the main gate back deep into the campus and breathe new life into this tract of land, which used to be filled with factory sheds, by creating a forest consisting of the local vegetation, thereby using this area to represent the company's philosophy.  

We collaborated with studio on-site, a landscape firm, to foster a forest from baby trees on the alluvial fan shaped by the Kurobe River, where the high underground water level could reduce vegetation variety without any improvement measures. At the same time, we redesigned an old factory shed into a company museum as a new architectural focus in this park, and used seed leaf and deep-sea creature inspired motifs for the exterior lighting design . Together with the signage, these small clues help articulate the vast, green land.

In order to improve drainage and handle plant roots separated from their underground water source, earthworks such as ridges and mounds were proposed by the landscape designer. By manipulating the land, we were able to achieve a wide range of water retention and permeability in the soil. This, in turn, enabled a greater selection of vegetation, from waterside plants to laurels.  

We also proposed to insert several rectangular lawn gardens in the forest called “rooms,” which were tied to major architectural facilities in order to endow these buildings with a solid existence in the park.

・Project title: YKK Center Park

・Location: Kurobe, Toyama Prefecture, Japan

・Completion date: June, 2015

・Client: YKK Corporation

・Master Plan: A.P.L. design workshop. OHNO Hidetoshi, EGUCHI Hideki, TAKANO Nami,

・Architecture, Lighting Fixture, Signage:  A.P.L. design workshop.

・Landscape Design: studio on site

・Contracotrs: NIPPO, Daiichi Kensetsu(Architecture), Kurobe M-tech(Mechanical and Electrical), Kurobe Clean and Green(Gardening)

・Site area:ca. 8, 000 ㎡

・Photo: YOSHIDA Makoto

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