K-Town (Block C)

A prototype of an suburban dormitory open to the surrounding neighborhood

project team: 江口英樹、罍彩子,高野菜美

location:富山県黒部市/ Kurobe, Toyama

completion date:2017.6

principal use:共同住宅 / Company housing

structural engineering:MID研究所

mechanical and electrical engineer::総合設備計画 / sogo consultants

landscape architect:カネミツヒロシセッケイシツ


number of stories:地上2階 /  2 stories

structure:木造 / Wood Structure

site area:225.05〜354.07

building area:73.74

total floor area:141.36

photography:北嶋俊治 kitajima toshiharu/archi photo

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