A message from APLdw

Satisfaction guaranteed to last into the future

 The name of our firm, Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape design workshop (APLdw), represents an organization that provides not only building design but also urban planning, landscape, and even lighting fixtures designed as a coherent whole.

 Since our founding over thirty years ago, we have been involved in many projects, focusing on architectural design and spreading across diverse fields. Our projects have been highly appraised not only by our clients but also by specialists in a variety of fields. They have also been awarded many major architectural design awards within the country.
In terms of our design work, Hidetoshi Ohno and Hideki Eguchi supervise all of the projects, and the design work is advanced together with the staff in our office. We also work together with leading experts and professional organizations in various specialized fields.


・ conducts planning and design work from the long-term perspective as required by the target facility.
・ makes design proposals not only for the building itself but for the furniture, light fixtures and signage that will be used in the building.
・ carefully studies the site and surrounding environment and considers harmony with the cityscape and nature in their proposals on building form and usage.
・ as a rule, not only drafts architectural blueprints but is also responsible for supervising the building’s construction.
・ makes proposals regarding the maintenance, management and operation of the constructed building as necessary.

Hidetoshi Ohno & Hideki Eguchi